DNA Reference Laboratory provides collection for express drug testing and D.O.T. drug testing to satisfy the legal requirement of employers and federal agencies. DNA Reference Laboratory has two locations: Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas with on-site collection and the availability of mobile services.
Offered Services
DNA Reference Laboratory offers a full line of lab-based and instant drug testing products and services that provide the critical information you need to make confident and informed decisions about prospective, current employees. Additionally, we provide services for individuals and for legal purposes. DNA Reference Laboratory was built on trust and a high degree of personal and corporate integrity in conducting business. Honesty and professional integrity are our motto and we promise to keep and maintain them throughout and regardless. These are the core values that drive DNA Reference Laboratory. We believe that laboratory results that are not supported by individuals with professional integrity are of no value to anybody. Also we believe that business that has no ethical foundation is of no value to any community.
DRL has two levels for its drug testing service.

A. Express drug testing for walk-ins:

Testing for the following body fluids is provided:

  • Oral fluid or saliva testing: Results for screening takes 10-15 minutes. Confirmation will take 72 hours.
  • Urine drug testing for 5,6, 10 and 12-panels/cup. Results for screening takes 10-15 minutes. Confirmation takes 72 hours.
  • Hair follicle testing for chronic use of drugs. Results for screening takes 72 hours.
b. Legal D.O.T. Drug Testing for Federal agencies and Employers:

DRL is now offering a comprehensive anti-drug testing program to complement its extensive menu for forensic, diagnostics and relationship DNA testing. The drug testing menu consists of both screening and confirmatory testing for positive samples. The basis for the testing is to ensure the following: 1. Legal and court admissible as well as DOT and FAA compliance drug testing. 2. Hair follicle testing to establish chronic drug uptake. 3. Availability of on- site and instant drug testing and 4. Drug testing is available to meet all requirement of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

We are currently Offering Service for the following individuals:

  • Federal Employees
  • Employees of state and local jurisdictions
  • Employees of the private sector
  • Professional and commercial drivers.
  • Walk – ins from the community at large
Who reviews and ineterprets the laboratory drug testing results?

All drug test results are reviewed and interpreted by a physician (medical Review officer, MRO) before they are reported to the employer. If the laboratory reports a confirmed positive result to the MRO, the MRO then will contact the driver (in person or by phone) and conducts an interview to determine if there is an alternative medical explanantion for the drugs found in the drivers’ urine sample. If the driver provides appropriate documentation and the MRO determines that it is a legitimate medical use of the prohibited drug, the obtained drug test results will be reported as negative to the employer.