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Rape Kits are a specialized DNA kit used to collect samples from individuals claiming to have been raped. Swabs are taken from specific areas of the body where the assault is likely to have left some form of biological evidence.

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The DNA Reference Laboratory utilizes the Differex Kit from Promega Corporation in combination with the Maxwell 16 robotic instrumentation to effectively separate the DNA from the epithelial cells (skin cells) of the victim from the DNA present in the sperm in the sample. By separating the swab into two parts we are able to isolate a cleaner DNA product from both fractions.

With the incorporation of the Plexor HY quantification kit from Promega Corporation, we are able to precisely detect how much male DNA is present, and dilute or concentrate this sample appropriately to obtain a clean male DNA profile.

Further, with the incorporation of Promega’s next generation PowerPlex 16 HS kit, we can obtain a full DNA profile from far less sperm than is required using current generation kits used by most laboratories.

For mixture samples where there is simply too little male DNA and too much female DNA, Y-Filer can be utilized to read only the male fraction, providing for results that otherwise would have been too buried in the female background to detect.