Forensic Testing – Casework Services – Sample Screening

Forensic Testing - Casework Services - Sample Screening

Sample screening is often the initial step of a DNA forensics case. Some samples have not been thoroughly investigated for biological material. Those types of samples are put through the screening process to identify, categorize, and test biological material that may be present. Here at the DNA Reference Lab, we can customize your screening experience to fit your own personal needs.

The DNA Reference laboratory can successfully detect blood, semen, and saliva on a variety of materials. We utilize both presumptive and confirmatory tests considered standard in the forensic community in order to reach our conclusions.

If biological material is detected, we may seamlessly transition the sample into DNA testing in order to provide you with a comprehensive result.

Do you need legal documentation regarding the screening results? The DNA Reference Laboratory can process your case as either legal or non-legal. Legal cases require extensive chain of custody documentation and documentation preparation, while in non-legal cases the documentation is less extensive and the process is less expensive, but can not be used in court.

Our laboratory staff is trained specifically in the forensic genetics field and average around 10 years of experience specifically with forensic genetics testing.

Here at the DNA Reference Lab, we will not cease testing until we give you the most accurate answer possible. If you would like a sample to be tested, we will test it. We will not establish a cutoff in the number of samples we can run in a case. Our expert opinion can also guide you on the most appropriate samples to test, if there are many and you are unsure.

We offer quality testing at competitive pricing in a non-biased laboratory setting that frequently works with both prosecution and defense.

The DNA Reference Laboratory had earned the esteemed ASCLD-LAB International Accreditation incorporating ISO-17025 on its very first attempt. Now, we are one of a handful of private laboratories in the United States to possess the ability to be in compliance with such carefully crafted standards.

Forensic Screening Services Offered

  • Standard Legal Item Screening
  • Non-Legal Item Screening
  • Legal Blood Detection
  • Non-Legal Blood Detection
  • Legal Semen Detection
  • Non-Legal Semen Detection
  • Legal Saliva Detection
  • Non-Legal Saliva Detection
  • Non-Legal Microscopic Hair Analysis
  • Non-Legal Microscopic Fiber Analysis