Forensic Testing – Casework Services – Sample Type and Shipping


General Comments

Packaging Comments

Swabs or FTA Card

Preferably collected from cheek or buccal cells

Ship in paper envelope.

Blood (whole)

Medical blood draw in vacutainer tube

Ship in original tube.

Blood Stains

Band Aids, tampons, bloody tissues

Ship in paper envelope.

Cigarette Butts

2 to 4 butts

Ship in paper envelope.


Hats, baseball caps, underwear, bandanna, etc.

Ship in paper bag.

Dental Floss

Do not touch the floss with your fingers

Ship in paper envelope.

Ear Wax

Cotton swab or Q-Tip

Ship in paper envelope.

Electric Razor Clippings

Place in proper envelope.

Ship in paper envelope.


Do not touch the gum with your fingers.  Sugar-free gum preferred.

Ship in paper envelope (after dried)


Roots or follicles MUST be attached.  Hair from a brush or comb may not work.  We need at least 3-4 hairs.

Ship in clear plastic zip-lock bag.

Licked Envelope / Stamp

Must be licked.  Self-adhesive envelopes / stamps will not contain DNA

Ship in paper envelope.

Nails (Finger/Toe)

Freshly trimmed nails work best

Ship in paper envelope.

Paraffin Embedded Tissue

From pathology laboratories

Ship in clear plastic zip-lock bag.

Post Mortem Tissue

Coroner Samples, Funeral Homes

On dry ice or as preserved.

Prenatal Fluids / Cultures

Amniotic fluid or cultured CVS cells

Amnio: Sterile fluid container.  CVS – in tissue culture flasks.


Place razor in proper envelope.

Ship in paper envelope.

Sperm / Semen

Liquid Semen: absorb suspected semen sample onto a clean cotton swab.  Air dry the swab for 1 hour

Ship in paper envelope.


Molar, premolar, or canine preferred. Baby teeth are usually unsuccessful.

Ship in paper envelope.


Air-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes

Ship in paper envelope.


Do not touch the toothpick with your finger

Ship in paper envelope.

Umbilical Cord (Dried)

Place in paper envelope

Ship in paper envelope or as preserved.


At least 200mL required.  Must be collected in a sealed container. 

Clean outside of container with soap and water before delivery.  Seal to prevent leak during shipping.

Used Handkerchief

Nasal mucous.  Place in paper envelope

Ship in paper envelope.

Used Kleenex

Nasal mucous.  Place in paper envelope.

Ship in paper envelope.