Forensic Testing – Casework Services – Y-STR Analysis

Y Chromosome Short tandem repeat (Y-STR) analysis is a specific type of STR test performed by the DRL only in cases of male/female DNA mixtures or to trace male lineage across generations. All male relatives from the same line are expected to share the same Y-STR profile, making Y-STR testing a great tool for familial reconstructions. At the DRL, forensic Y-STR testing is performed when quantification reveals a male component in a male/female DNA mixture to be 1/10 or less of the total DNA quantified. Ordinarily, using autosomal kits like PowerPlex 16 or Identifiler to run this sample would result in a full female profile, but little to no DNA from the male would likely be detected. The female cells do not contain the Y-chromosome, and therefore the male DNA is the only DNA that will amplify with the Y-Filer. Comparisons would then be made to the Y-STRs of the reference sample to determine if a match exists, and statistical database size dependent calculations would be performed to assess the weight or value of the match.

Forensic Testing - Casework Services - Y-STR Analysis

The DNA Reference laboratory uses the ABI 3130 capillary electrophoresis instrumentation for DNA detection, utilizing Genemapper software for DNA profile generation. This combination of technologies allows for extremely sensitive detection of amplified product and clear, concise results.

Our review process is extensive, following the ASCLD-LAB International, FBI Quality Assurance, and ISO 17025 standards to ensure that quality is assured and controls and reviews are appropriately implemented. The DNA Reference Laboratory has earned the esteemed ASCLD-LAB International Accreditation incorporating ISO-17025 on its very first attempt. We are now one of a handful of private laboratories in the United States to possess this esteemed accreditation.

We offer this state of the art testing at pricing that would be equivalent to that charged by other private laboratories that use less powerful technology.

Forensic Y-STR Analysis Services Offered

  • Sexual Assault Kit Testing (Y-Filer)
  • Standard Evidence Testing (Y-Filer)
  • Standard Reference Sample Testing (Y-Filer)
  • Familial Reconstruction – male line (using Y-Filer)