Forensic Testing – Casework Programs – Cold Case

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to handle cold cases. Our extensive experience is rooted in the cold-casework performed for OIDS at Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and some other states over the last 14 years. We have the ability to retest samples and extracts either previously tested or not tested, and utilize a chain of custody procedure that is accepted by all accrediting agencies including the ASCLD-LAB International accreditation program.

Our advanced STR and quantification kits allow our laboratory to investigate further into cases than laboratories utilizing mainstream kits. We can obtain more informative results with less DNA.

We are experienced with working with all types of material containing biological DNA. We have been obtaining DNA successfully from paraffin wax embedded tissue and formalized (FFPE) tissue for ten years, and with our new magnetic extraction technology, this process has become more efficient. We are able to remove a significant amount of environmental PCR inhibitors from normally compromised samples such as stains containing plant material and stains on dark denim.

For information on our Cold Case services, call (210)-692-3800.