Forensic Testing – Casework Programs – Internal Control Programs

Do you own or manage a business? Is safety a priority? Does the nature of the job pose a health risk? Do you receive threats against the company?

DNA Reference Lab offers internal control programs to suit your needs. We can test and profile the employees in your company so that if biological evidence is found later that is required to be compared, we can back check and find out if the evidence likely belongs to an employee or someone else.

Why would you need this service?

– Track employee acts against the company by comparing employee profiles to:

  • Letters and Suspicious Mail
  • Weapons and Bombs
  • Stolen items
  • Unlawful drug use

– Help identify remains at high risk job sites

Is this safe? The DNA Reference Laboratory and every other forensic laboratory in the country is required by standard to take DNA profiles from employees and guests to the laboratory to identify the sources of potential DNA contamination if it is detected. These samples and profiles are confidential and never leave the laboratory. We have internal control programs in our own lab, and they are very useful, so why not provide the service to you?

Why now? Internal control programs are very effective. Often in the case of acts against the company, the evidence profile is clear, but the employees are difficult to profile without asking for a sample directly. Keyboards and telephones don’t often have good quality DNA and can be contaminated with DNA from multiple sources. A former employee may be the perpetrator, and in that case, no amount of information gathered from the company interior is going to match the profile on the evidence. With this service, if the employee has ever worked for you, is or her profile is on hand to compare to any evidentiary profile should the need arise.

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