Paternity/Relationship – The Advantage of Testing at DRL

DNA Reference Lab- Paternity/Relationship Testing

We understand that you have many laboratories to choose from when deciding where to go with your test. That is why we have made it our goal to give our laboratory significant advantage over larger laboratory corporations and other laboratories.

#1 Our Promise – At the DNA Reference Lab, you are a human being, and we know it. We do not staff our phones with robots. The administrative staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We believe that automated services are impersonal, and waste your time and money. Therefore, when calling the DNA Reference lab, you will never speak to a robot.

#2 Our Size – Our small size in comparison to large corporate labs allows for easier communication between staff, allowing us to implement new standards, technology, and processes much easier. This means that we will work harder to give your test the extra attention it deserves.

#3 Our Accreditation – Our American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accreditation means that we stand among the top of all paternity labs when it comes to quality and standard of testing. There is no other organization that can provide as high a quality of specific paternity testing standards.

#4 Our Technology – Above and beyond is an understatement. Our lab staff is committed to researching and implementing the latest technology to better provide you with quality service. We are currently utilizing a combination of the most current instruments and kits designed to obtain accurate information from very little DNA, allowing us to obtain more information from environmentally challenged, inhibited, or improperly collected samples than most laboratories.

#5 Our Location – Located in San Antonio, our laboratory sits in the heart of a city of 1.5 million, meaning that San Antonio and most Texas residents have a convenient place to test directly. We collect samples in our main lab, and skipping the time required for delivery of samples means that you obtain your results faster.

#6 Our Education – At the DNA Reference Laboratory, all analysts are specifically trained in forensics and paternity testing. This means that they have masters degrees or PhDs in the field of forensic genetics or forensic biology. This education allows for incredibly knowledgeable staff who have a very hard time saying “I don’t know”. The CEO is a forensic scientist himself, with a Ph.D and a long list of accomplishments that range from court testimonies to publications. At the DNA Reference Lab, the management will never make a business decision that compromises the science.

#7 Our Prices – At the DNA Reference Laboratory we perform price matching to other AABB Accredited Laboratories, and will work with you on flexible payment plans. Our prices are some of the most competitive amongst AABB accredited laboratories, and we do this to provide you with state of the art, quality service that you can afford.