Paternity/Relationship Testing – Services Offered – Familial Reconstruction

Familial Reconstructions are often complex and utilize multiple facets of the relationship services we offer to answer a bigger question than one simple direct biological link. These tests often utilize forensic tests or combinations of relationship and paternity tests to establish a link from one relative to another, and need to involve the testing of three or more people to establish a link.

DNA Reference Lab- Paternity/Relationship Testing - Services Offered - Familial Reconstruction

Due to the nature of the test, we ask that you contact us directly with questions about familial reconstruction, because each case is individual and we have to ensure that all parties required will be available for testing. The DNA Reference Lab can test as many people as necessary to fit your needs, at a significantly lower cost than testing each person individually.

Do you need legal documentation establishing the familial reconstruction? The DNA Reference Laboratory provides legal documentation establishing your case as valid in a United States Court or Embassy.

Here at the DNA Reference Lab, we will not cease testing until we give you the most accurate answer possible. Extra testing we perform comes at NO COST TO YOU. We have and routinely utilize well above the 15 standard markers used in most paternity laboratories to answer questions involving cases where we can not exclude, but do not obtain a high enough index to establish relationship, and we do this AT OUR COST. That’s right, we don’t charge you a dime for any extra testing. All this to bring you the highest quality results at a competitive cost you can afford. We offer price matching nationwide to other AABB accredited labs, and because we are AABB accredited, you can be ensured that every standard is followed to ensure you receive the most quality result possible.

Familial Reconstruction Offered


Please call (210)-692-3800 to inquire.