Paternity/Relationship Testing – Services Offered – Siblingship Testing

Siblingship tests are often needed for immigration purposes , resolution of inheritance or are performed when testing against the mother or father is simply not possible.

Are you testing multiple siblings? The DNA Reference Lab can test as many people as necessary to fit your needs, at a significantly lower cost than testing each person individually. We will then cross compare each sibling to one another to help establish links between two or more siblings.

DNA Reference Lab- Paternity/Relationship Testing - Services Offered - Siblingship Testing

Are you married and does the embassy require a siblingship test to be performed on you and your spouse? Does the embassy request a siblingship to be performed between you and your brothers or sisters? The DNA Reference Laboratory works with embassies to acquire and test these samples.

Do you need legal documentation establishing the siblingship? The DNA Reference Laboratory provides legal documentation establishing your case as valid in a United States Court or Embassy.

Are one of the alleged siblings deceased? The DNA Reference Laboratory is also an accredited forensic laboratory. Our cutting edge technology and innovation in this field allows us to obtain DNA profiles from personal effects or remains of the deceased at a much higher success rate than most current technology. We can also work with Medical Examiner’s offices to acquire samples from the recently deceased, or work with police departments to acquire and test unknown remains you think may be your missing sibling.

Here at the DNA Reference Lab, we will not cease testing until we give you the most accurate answer possible. Extra testing we perform comes at NO COST TO YOU. We utilize siblingship indexes, likelihood ratios, and kinship tests to establish a likelihood of sibling relatedness, and utilize statistical methods recommended by the AABB. We perform this three part statistical analysis to help us see the statistics from every angle, allowing us to deliver a more accurate result.

We have and routinely utilized well over the 15 standard markers used in most laboratories that perform siblingship. We test these additional markers when necessary to provide us with more information and we do this AT OUR COST. That’s right, we don’t charge you a dime for any extra testing. All this to bring you the highest quality results at a competitive cost you can afford. We offer price matching nationwide to other AABB accredited labs, and because we are AABB accredited, you can be ensured that every standard is followed to ensure you receive the most quality result possible.

Siblingship Services Offered

  • Standard Siblingship Testing (Sibling 1 + Sibling 2)
  • Complex Siblingship Analysis (More than 2 Siblings tested)
  • Prenatal Siblingship (Sibling 1 from Amniotic Fluid + Sibling 2)
  • Forensic Siblingship
  • Unknown remains / missing persons
  • Non-Legal Siblingship Testing (Peace of Mind)*

*Not governed by AABB standards