Paternity/Relationship Testing – Services Offered – Twin Zygosity

Twin Zygosity studies are performed in instances where twins are born and the parents and doctors can not determine if the twins are fraternal (two separate sperm fertilizing two separate eggs) or identical (egg splitting after fertilization). A routine DNA test on both twins can easily determine the answer to this question.

DNA Reference Lab- Paternity/Relationship Testing - Services Offered - Twin ZygosityDo you have triplets or other multiples? The DNA Reference Lab can test as many people as necessary to fit your needs, at a significantly lower cost than testing each person individually.

Do you need legal documentation establishing the twin zygosity? The DNA Reference Laboratory provides legal documentation establishing your case as valid in a United States Court or Embassy.

Here at the DNA Reference Lab, we will not cease testing until we give you the most accurate answer possible. Extra testing we perform comes at NO COST TO YOU. We offer price matching nationwide to other AABB accredited labs, and because we are AABB accredited, you can be ensured that every standard is followed to ensure you receive the most quality result possible.

Twin Zygosity Services Offered

  • Standard Twin Zygosity Test
  • Triplets and Multiples Zygosity Test